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Take A Shotgun Approach

An effective real estate advertising strategy entails a 'shotgun' approach. A shotgun approach includes online internet ads, regular print ads in major real estate publications (AJC) of the property's location, as well as popular local area publications (Creative Loafing) and full use of real estate signs. "A picture is worth a thousand words", so cut your advertising costs by curtailing your ad verbiage and letting your online ad promote the property.

See the example below:

"SANDY SPRINGS Awesome 6 BR, 4 BA Renovation Marvel in Sandy Springs! See details at $499,000; 404-428-1176."

Additionally, keep a watchful eye on your signage. The yard sign should be situated so that it can be seen from both traffic directions. Directional signs should be placed at all major intersections in the property's immediate vicinity and situated so they "direct" traffic towards the property. Since presentation is about appearance, replace worn or soiled signage regularly. Just think of how often you tend to ignore such signs during your routine commutes.

If you're willing to pay a 2 - 3% buyer's agent commission, increase your exposure and reduce your sale horizon by complimenting your internet ad with a Flat Fee MLS. Successful realtors often use a shotgun approach facilitated by the MLS and associated realtor networks.

Barry Milteer
Home Advancement, LLC

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