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Property Investing

Wrapping a property is a simple concept that can create passive income for you and will give the purchaser a chance to buy a property which would have otherwise been out of reach at that time. However, there are a few things you must know before you jump in and trip up on some of the technicalities.

So what exactly is a wrap?...A wrap is when you then vendor of a property becomes more like a financier and less of a traditional landlord. The party interested in purchasing the property becomes responsible for everything the landlord normally takes care of, such as rates, maintenance, etc.

Wraps are generally suited to people who cannot get financing from the bank at that exact point in time, but will be able to acquire a loan in the near future. It is here that you become the bank. You offer them the property as if they were renting, however they rent money they pay you comes off their agreed purchase price. After a year or so when they qualify for a bank loan, they simply pay off the amount owing to you. This ensures that they will take good care of the property and at the same time, you have been getting passive income because the rent they were paying was more than that which you had to pay off your loan from the bank.

Property wrapping creates a win - win situation for both parties involved, so it is a good choice if ever the situation arrises where the buyer cannot get finance immediately. You walk away with a sum of money greater than what you put in, and they walk away with a property which they wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford.

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