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The Echo Boomers - The Next Big Consumers

The Echo Boomers or Generation Y currently make up about one third of the US Population. Many of the Echo Boomers are starting to reach an age where they want and need things like, Houses, Cars, Insurance. The Echo boomers don't respond to marketing like Earlier Generations. In recent Focus Groups an Echo Boomer is just as likely to being playing a Video Game or surfing the Internet as watching TV.

What is an Echo Boomer. An Echo Boomer are the Children born to the Baby Boomers. Depending on which definition of echo Boomer you listen too the First Echo Boomers were born between 1977 and 1982. The Last Echo Boomers were born 1994 to 2004. It is Safe to say for the purpose of this article anyone under the age of 30 is an Echo Boomer.

Recent studies show that college students have a huge loyalty to the first company that gives them a credit card. When College student overextend there credit if they have 10 credit cards and rip up 9 they will always keep that first one. This Loyalty extends for years beyond college they still have that first credit card.

The next question to ask is if Echo Boomers remain loyal to their first credit card company will they remain loyal to their first, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker. The average American buys there first house when they are over 30. Why not target some of these echo boomer between 20 and 30 and sell them that house. Help them with that mortgage. Then Follow up with them a few times a year to see if they have any question or concerns, The Average Homeowner Trades up between 5 and 7 Times. Wouldn't it be nice to build 10 or more relationships a year that result in 5 more big transactions in the next 20 to 30 years.

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