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Women in Religion

During the debate in the Episcopal Church over whether or not to allow a homosexual bishop, a woman was presenting the argument against allowing a homosexual bishop. She stated that the Bible declares homosexuality to be wrong, which it does. If she really believed what the Bible said than she would have been quiet about church matters. In the New Testament the books of I Corinthians, I Timothy, and Ephesians women are told to just plain submit and do it quietly. In addition to dressing modestly they are to submit to their husbands and God. They are also to remain quiet regarding church matters. How can individuals say this is a book containing God's divinely inspired word and then only follow sections that are convenient at the moment? Doesn't that seem slightly off? A tad hypocritical?

In fact women are blamed for the original sin. It was all Eve's fault that Adam deceived in the first place. Women can redeem themselves by having many children and submitting. Women are evil, shameful, weak and unclean...better to be seen and not heard.

June Cleaver was commiting a sin by wearing pearls. Women are directed not to wear pearls in the book of I Timothy in the Bible. Ellie Mae from "The Beverly Hillbillies" was also committing a sin by braiding her hair.

The New Testament has a quotation that is commonly heard at weddings. It is in the book of I Corinthians and goes like this..."Love is patient, love is kind"... and ends with... "Love never fails". Most people have heard it, I'm sure. The book of I Corinthians goes on to say that if a woman wants to inquire about something, she should ask her husband at home. It is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

Does not sound like women are in good standing with in the religion of Christianity, does it? The Old Testament declares a woman unclean for a week after giving birth to a son and two weeks after giving birth to a daughter. Women are "impure" for 33 days after giving birth to a son and for 66 days after having a baby girl. What's up with that? I guess boys are preferred over girls. Women are really filthy if they deliver a daughter into the world. Granted this is the Old Testament and certain forms of Christianity decided to only follow the New Testament. How can you say that only half of the Bible is worthy of following? A form of pick and choose christianity?

Just the idea that women were created as an afterthought from a small piece of God's "special creation," makes it seem that man is superior to women. How can any woman with any self-esteem believe any of this?

Jackie Wellman, author of Spiritual Clarity,,

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