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The United States of Europe is a Joke!

French & Dutch Reject EU Constitution & British Table It-We Await Chirac's Resignation!

The anticipated rejection by the French of the much vaunted United States of Europe, and its Constitution (the vote in France was 45% for and 55% against), conclusively demonstrates, once again, European political and economic ineptitude compared to that of the United States of America-Notwithstanding, the toilet (a French word) was invented by a Brit by the name of Thomas Crapper not by a Frenchman. The Dutch followed, and the Britished tabled the matter.

Imagine, the extremity of European cultural diversity, language, religion, and history have all come full circle to highlight centuries of particularism, political fratricide, and religious intolerance-none of which could convince the European mindset that "unity with variety" would lead to a multipolar world in which Europe would function as the political/economic counterweight to the unipolar world of the United States of America.

The French originally spearheaded the European Union's quest for economic and political integration . . . with the British providing noble resistance and forever frustrating "efforts" indirectly on behalf of the USA (Note: The USA from time to time gave tepid support, but all along it was only because it might be to her economic and political advantage.) The entire notion that the French would abandon their social safety net by opening up their labor markets to plumbers from Poland was ludicrous

"The treaty's rejection in a bitterly contested referendum in France - the architect of the European project - could set the Continent's plans back by years and amounts to a personal humiliation for the veteran French leader (President Jacques Chirac). Treaty opponents chanting 'We won!' gathered at Place de la Bastille, a symbol of rebellion where angry crowds in 1789 stormed the prison and sparked the French Revolution. Cars blared their horns and 'No' campaigners thrust their arms into the air.

'This is a great victory,'" said Fabrice Savel, 38, from the working-class suburb of Aubervilliers. He was distributing posters that read: 'No to a free-market Europe.'"

Viva la USA

As a result of all this Euro-nonsense and eco-politico-posturing (man, what a waste of time and money), the much-touted EURO-that economic counterweight, that renaissance of European leadership-collapsed to its lowest 2005 level against the almighty dollar ($1.25 EU).

No matter what kind of united face-saving device you put on this (Note the inane remarks of Gerhard Schroeder of Germany): The European Union (as a counterweight to the USA) is dead!

And . . . something else smells liked it's dead . . . and that's what we here at the Tribnet wish to point out to those who know that the New American World Order System is not about to be challenged by our European forebears and erstwhile upstarts who know NOTHING about how to become a unified economic, military, and political power under girded by moral authority based upon the so-called Judeo-Christian ethic. What might that eschatological conclusion be? You guessed it: It is a total farce to conceive, since the turn of the 20th Century, that USA ascendancy could ever be challenged by the effete Europeans and, consequently, the BASE of Antichrist is not found in the squalid political and economically deficient European quagmire but in the New Rome: The United States of America.

Furthermore, the Europeans, especially the isolated French, are so intimidated (and rightly so) by FREE MARKETS (viz., the overt intrusion by the multi-nationals-led by US corporate interests-epitomized by the WTO, IMF and World Bank)-that their idiotic celebration of the EU Constitution's defeat only belies the vacuous pride they have in their insipid ignorance of the world formed by the Merchants of the Earth who delight to feed at the trough of Babylon the Great. Don't think my seemingly prideful remarks are aimed at the French-no; they're aimed at the evangelicals of the USA who haven't a clue as to what's been happening (politically, economically, and even religiously) since Manifest Destiny under Teddy Roosevelt kicked the Spanish out of the New World.

First of all, and for those of you out there who ponder the following "food fight" amongst us Premillenarians as naught but asinine theological posturing (perhaps interesting but absurdly irrelevant in the sum total of whatever counts), let me assure you-there's a whole lot of present-day implications on what's going down around us and how we live in our world as a result of these "ridiculous" observations.

Here's where we start . . . a few quotes and comments (yours truly) from well-meaning, but totally off the mark brethren who wish to remain patriotic Americans will suffice:

"The mention of a core Europe or a core group of European nations resonates with Bible prophecy in the books of Daniel and Revelation. It concerns a latter-day revival of the Roman Empire. The prophet Daniel predicts that a group of 10 'kings' (national leaders) will give rise to a frightening union that will fulfill many end-time prophecies. Depending on the decision of the French, and later the Dutch voters, the coming weeks may give some hint to the answer to the Economist's intriguing question: 'And What Happens to the Beast Now?'"

Imagine, brother Hal Lindsey could say these remarks knowing the demise of the EU Constitution, and, ipso facto, the United States of Europe-what prophetical insight do we witness here! Come on Hal, get with the program. Your prognostications are so outmoded that even you know that the canary (really a crane) on the elephant is not the base of Antichrist, but the elephant itself!! (Must see photo @

I repeat on behalf of the hard of seeing, the bird represents the fine efforts of Chirac and Schroeder, the elephant-apparently utterly indifferent to the free ride he's providing for the crane-represents the European nemesis, the American New World Order System.


A meaningful, but brief digression, is in order before I get back to well-meaning brethren (and, incidentally, since most of them are Premillenarian, believing that the Kingdom of Heaven is yet to manifest itself upon the earth through the miraculous intervention of the Second Coming of Christ, my only intention here is to hit them over the theological head to get their attention vis--vis American hegemony and the consequences of its neglect).

First of all, a short lesson in world history might be in order; and, since I'm credentialed to teach the subject (man, I'm even certified as a "No Child Left Behind" instructor in the subject), I already have my reward . . . but let's take a gander at the evolution of the Image seen in Daniel and alluded to in Hal's above and most recent remarks.

What Hal alluded to was the Image of Daniel and the allusion to the Ten Toes of that same Image and its counterpart found in the book of Revelation where it is referred to as the 10 Toes/10 Kings/10 Horns (Daniel 2:41-42; 7:7, 20, 24; Revelation 12:3; 13:1; 17:3, 7, 12, 16)

The picture of the Image seen by the Gentile world leader of the Neo-Babylonian Empire (Nebuchadnezzar) envisioned the development and/or evolution of Gentile World Power set within the context of the Jewish exile; and, the commencement of "Jerusalem trodden under foot of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled" (Luke 21:24; Revelation 11:2) is/was confirmed by Jesus in His discourse on the latter days, and, subsequently, referred to by John in the Apocalypse.

The point of the matter here, insofar as metals relate to this revelation, is that the Babylonian head of gold evolves into the silver of the Medo-Persian Empire, which in turn evolves into the Grecian bronze, and ultimately into the two legs of iron represented by the Roman Empire. This imagery of Gentile World Powers and their evolution is decidedly a progression of WESTERN CIVILIZATION, not of Islam, Asian, African, or any other civilization which would/has dominated the planet (thank you Dr. Huntington)!

Next, the Ten Toes of this Image are described as a mixture of both clay and iron-some strong and some weak-and clearly are an extension of the legs of the Roman Empire from whence they protrude (Daniel 2:33-45). It is likewise true that these 10 toes/horns are representative of ten kings and that these ten kings are European powers which in some way, shape and form constitute the original environs or sphere's of landed-influence of the Roman Empire. Up to this point Hal and Doug concur; however, it is precisely at this point our convergence has a drastic departure!

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Doug is a member of the Last Days Network, a group of evangelical writers committed to bringing news and commentary on all matters related to Religion and Politics--especially those of the Christian Religion and American Politics. Their insights far outway peripheral food fights of wild-eyed prophets viewed by effete liberals given to secular distate for such absurdities. America, unlike Europe, and, quite frankly, the rest of the planet, takes its religion seriously (at least they'd like everyone to think so). It's this perspective in today's American press that needs emphasizing . . . witness: Enter Howard Dean and his "White Christian" take over of the Republican Party. Well, at least Doug and the Evangelical Network he reps. isn't going to let that one by, neither the strange, yet profound, implications relative to the European Union and its (for all intents and purposes) demise . . . just how does that little ditty impact upon two of America's best-sellers ever: The Late Great Planet Earth, and the "Left Behind" series . . . no, you'll like their read a whole bunch!

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