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White Sun - Tao of Heaven; What is Wisdom?

To be awakened to the realization of one's True Self is wisdom. A person becomes awakened when he realizes that his True Nature is that of God. He longs for returning to God's kingdom and dedicates this to practise Tao. He makes sure that whatever he says, acts and thinks are faultless. He maintains tranquillity in his sensual organs. He gives convenience to others. He makes no distinction between himself and others. He conveys the truth to others so that all including himself can return to the Land of Bliss, Heaven.

The awakened lives in the adulterated society, yet is not tainted by emotions and desires. He devotes himself to the spreading of Tao to the world, transforming hell into Heaven. He points out Tao of Heaven to those who are lost so that they can also realize their True Selves. He acts according to Tao. He vows to save the world out of his mercifulness.

A wise man is bright and quiet, his tranquillity and wisdom flow together and feed each other. This way, his emotion returns into his True Self, his knowledge turns into wisdom, his human nature becomes settled from danger and his True Nature becomes bright and clear. It is the same as that the enlightened is always sincere and the sincere is always enlightened.

He knows that to study truth is the nobliest wish of a human being and to disseminate truth is the holiest responsibility. He therefore becomes the salesman of the Way of Heaven, mankind's protector, an oasis in the desert, the guiding light through the maze of life, a cook to give others nourishment for their souls and he knows the advantages of being a preacher of the truth.

Wisdom is bestowed by Heaven and by sharing his wisdom, he can improve his personality, enhance his good qualities and eloquence, profit mankind, help people to do good deeds and can change malicious words into kind words. That is wisdom.

Author: T.A Chew

T.A Chew, an accountant by profession has been working for more than thirty years and lately resigned as the Group Financial Controller of a Public Listed Company in Malaysia to devote his time better in the propagation of Tao. Written a few Tao books and has been a vegetarian for more than ten years so as to purify his body, mind and soul.

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