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The Caribbean is the site of another thing which some would call a mystery. Until a few years ago I would have been inclined to put it in the paranormal control of soul category and I still believe that is part of it. However, we have scientifically identified the use of sea urchin extract as the agent which allows apparent death and subsequent use of a body by means as yet mysterious to scientists who negate the possibility of ESP type brain connection or possessions.

Some would say that hypnosis might have something to do with it, but the witnesses and researchers think that is not the case; which does not mean it isn't involved because there are similarities between possession and hypnosis. They act on different bodies however. The connection between the mind or brain and the physical body is part of the act of soul related possession. There are body related possessions as well. Clearly the stupor state caused by the drug does affect both bodies and it may impact the spirit as well.

As we proceed some of the issues will be dealt with but I cannot give a full explanation of what is involved, other than ritual magic and drug use. Having had possessions and ritual magic practiced upon me, I can honestly say I am certain it is able to affect such things on people who are suggestible and thus a person in a stupor has few (if any) defenses.

Having experience with exorcisms I am sure little could be done to counteract the possession of the body by the drug and the magician would simply re-possess the body once it had been psychically cleansed. A Total de-tox and subsequent therapy including building the 'protection' of soul in the victim is required.

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