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The Warped Psychology of Islam

The London Bombings are just the beginning. Londoners are probably wondering what they did to deserve it. After all, Great Britain has proven to be a place of refuge for Muslims. Parliament to the BBC has been united in their continued attacks and twisting of truths against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians, even when Israel has been the victim of a thousand days like the one London just faced.

So why would Islamic terrorist want to bomb their friends and allies? It just doesn't make sense. Unless you realize that Islam doesn't have any friends or allies, only infidels to be conquered and brought into submission. In fact, for the most part they don't even want converts, they want the world to be subjugated to Islam, with Jews, and Christians considered the lowest rung on the ladder in their scale of classes.

The influx of Muslims into western societies, both throughout Europe and in America, has been no mistake, but a carefully planned insurgence, like a cancer spreading through a lung until the seemingly bigger more powerful host can't breathe and keels over dead. This bombing today is the opening blow in what will become Britain's initiation into the battle of Islam vs. the world. The purpose is to play upon the fears and weaknesses of western society, and use terror to alter the mindset, from one of freedom and self-determination to one of fright and surrender in order to gain some promise of safety. But that safety will never come!

As Yassir Arafat once said about the Jews "We will win the war because the Jews love life!" This telling statement explains the thinking of the terrorist infrastructure, they do not value the lives of their own people, and use them as pawns in their evil scheme to dominate cultures, and they certainly don't value the lives of the infidels, not even the women and children. There is no sanctity, no lines that can't be crossed, no twisting of truth that won't be exploited, no lie to big, and no act of treachery to base.

The Muslims will move into your neighborhood and lead you to believe they are harmless, oppressed, and even will offer themselves as benefactors to a good cause, all in order to disarm you and sway your opinion to their side, and then when you are soft and vulnerable, they will strike. Ruthlessly. And then they will use your laws of freedom and equal protection to complain about discrimination when you start to target and profile their members. They will blame the ones that were attacked, and accuse the innocent victims of the very acts of brutality that they themselves have just committed. Think I am making that up? It happens to Israel every day.

But good liberals and peaceniks everywhere will take up their cause and fight for their democratic rights while the Muslims work even harder to destroy the democracy that is protecting them. And all the while the liberals in their humanistic self-righteousness will continue down their blind alley taking everyone else with them until there is nothing left.

Islam will never make peace with Israel, and they will ultimately never make peace with you! Theirs is a religion of hate, and conquest, and subjugation, and humiliation. The word Love never even appears in the Koran. WAKE UP!!!

This is the tactic of Islam, to terrorize your mind until you give up. Period.

Allah is NOT the same God as the God of the Jews and Christians. Allah was a moon god, one amongst thousands of gods that Muhammad declared to be the one true god, whose origins go back to Baal worship. He is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that the Holy Bible declares to be the one true God. No? Allah is none other than Satan himself, and to compare the hateful religion of Islam to the revelation of the loving God of the Jews and Christians is simply ludicrous.

I live in Israel, I have been stoned by an angry Arab mob for absolutely no reason, and I have seen the brutality up close as has every Israeli, and I am telling the world, your time is coming. If you turn from the Jews and curse them and embrace these deceivers, then you have been deceived and you will pay the ultimate cost for it. The loss of western civilization, the loss of all freedom, and more importantly, the loss of the lives of someone you love very dearly, very possibly the loss of your own life, these are the costs of capitulation. If you don't have the backbone to fight this war full out, you will lose, because the Muslims will fight you until they either win, or die trying. Are you so committed to your beliefs?

Israel does not have to answer to a separate and higher standard than does the rest of the world. I hear President Bush making all sorts of statements about attacking terror where it lives, and yet he never mentions the injustice that has been perpetrated upon Israel, and he under girds the very terrorist organizations he claims to fight when it comes to forcing Israel's hand. It is hypocritical, and oh so dangerous. God will not be mocked, and His word says that when the world proclaims peace and safety sudden destruction will rain down upon them. That prophecy is moving closer to fulfillment with every tick of the clock.

I pray for the families of the injured and dead in London, just like I do for all the injured and dead in Israel. Having worked personally with several families and victims of terror over the last several years, I know what these people are going through, and the difficult days that face them. I pray for the Arab peoples to be freed from the bondage and evil that is Islam. And I pray that the people who have been blessed with freedom and abundance will understand the nature and the scope of the enemy that has invaded them. I pray that they will finally understand why they must stand with Israel, and not against her.

There is a gnawing feeling inside that tells me the world won't get it however. They won't wake up and take action. They won't repent and seek the one true God who can actually help them, they will instead continue to curse Him and assure the destruction that is about to come upon their own heads. Oh Lord have mercy, forgive us our stubborn and rebellious spirit, turn us from darkness to light.

Tom Cooper The Israel Report

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