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The Moment of Truth

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated to all of Israel, and the world last night that the moment of truth had arrived. Announcing his resignation as Finance Minister in the Sharon cabinet, he stated that he had been forced to remain in the government, and also remain mostly silent regarding his opposition to the disengagement over these last several months in order to complete his economic reforms, he claimed that he anguished over the continued march towards the disengagement with no signs of gaining anything in return. He also categorically pronounced what the rest of us have been shouting from the rooftops since its inception, he stated in no uncertain terms that this move would escalate terrorism, empower Hamas, and ultimately put the survival of the state in danger. While many felt his timing was strictly politically motivated to position himself to take control of the Likud party, wresting it away from Ariel Sharon, I must say I have a bit of a different take on it. Please read on to understand what it is and why I feel that way, and also what I really think about BiBi Netanyahu.

I have watched Benjamin Netanyahu for the last twenty-five years or so and have never failed to be impressed with his intelligence, his ability to articulate a situation or concept, and his overall charisma in front of a camera. He is without a doubt a masterful politician, and that is a point to remember whenever we hear BiBi state a position or make a speech. Was the resignation last night from the Sharon government timed for maximum political impact? I'm sure to some extent it was, like I said, BiBi is a masterful politician.

But there is something more about Benjamin Netanyahu that I have observed over the years, and that is what I believe to be an honest love for Israel and the Jewish people. I don't have time here to go into the history of BiBi or his heroic brother Jonathan, if you aren't aware of the Netanyahu history, you may want to read up on it. Many like to say that Benjamin will never be the star his older brother was who died in the daring rescue of Israeli Olympic athletes at Entebbe, but I don't think such comparisons are ever fair. No one knows what Jonathan would have done had he lived, and no person can ever walk in the shoes of another, especially a famous and beloved brother who died a national hero.

I have no doubt that BiBi knows the score. He knows what the New World Order is all about since he was groomed by Kissinger and educated in the New York environs of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has proven that he will go along with the plan when he signed the Wye River accords with Clinton giving away an additional 13% of Judea and Samaria (the so called west bank) but he also has made moves to slow the progress of such plans and actually spoken out against them to some extent, which I believe is what ended up getting him removed from power. His problem is that Israeli society has a long memory and they feel betrayed by his giving in on this issue when he promised that he would never trade land for peace. It also cannot be ignored when he said in his speech last night that he believed we should get out of Gaza, he just objected to the way Sharon was doing it. This would appeal to a lot of Israelis who want out of Gaza because of the high cost of watching their sons murdered by terrorists.

As you know I am 100% against any pull out of any part of Israel as I believe that it is part of the Jews biblical heritage and God ordained right to posses this land. It is not even in the power of the Jewish people not to possess this land, as it is God Himself that is bringing the Jews back to Israel to inhabit their inheritance.

So where does BiBi fit in? Time will tell, but I think that he has a true Jewish heart, while Sharon, Perez, Beilin and the rest have the heart of Edomites, that is like Esau they despise their birthright. I may be completely wrong, but in the end I think that Netanyahu just may do the right thing and stand up against the world powers that are out to destroy Israel. Many will tell me that this is wishful thinking, and well it may be, but I think that Netanyahu has a lot of patience, and the determination to form a plan and see it through. He is much smarter than most of his opponents, and while they may gain the upper hand for a while, he will keep waiting for the right time to strike. My hope is that he will allow himself to look like a part of the problem knowing that at the right time he will prove to possess a heart like David.

I am also a little worried however because the religious Zionists are flocking to him as their only hope right now as they gather at a rally in Tel-Aviv. Since BiBi announced that he too wants out of Gaza, he would not appear to be their long-term answer. What I do think could happen however as a result of his announcement and his speech is that the Israeli public could be woken up to the actual danger and stupidity of the plan Sharon is foisting upon the country right now. Netanyahu very passionately and articulately explained to an entire nation exactly why this plan was suicidal, and he carries a lot of weight in Israel, even if people are mad at him. If Netanyahu is truly the insider people think he is though, he could be another smoke screen to get the religious right to follow after a wicked shepherd who will lead them over a cliff.

We only have a few days left until Tisha B'Av, which is the tradition time of mourning for a myriad of historic tragedies that have occurred on this day, from the evil report of the spies Moses sent into the promised land, to the destruction of the Temple, and this year seems to be poised to go down in history as another possible tragedy. Many are hoping that it will be a day of triumph, reversing the history of this date from a day of mourning to a day of rejoicing. If this evil plan of expulsion somehow is cancelled in the last few days, it will indeed be a miracle, and a time for rejoicing. My prayer is that God, and not Benjamin Netanyahu would get the glory.

There will certainly be a backlash if this plan gets cancelled. The world is in a near froth that I believe will be turned up to a full fury if they are not rewarded with a victory over Religious Zionism and the God of Israel. The world will move forcefully to press Israel into a no win situation through sanctions, and even U.N., with possible U.S. troops, on the ground imposing the One World Order agenda upon the people of Israel with the capitulation of the Israeli government.

In a recent article Barry Chamish, an investigative reporter here in Israel, who has stumbled upon the One World Order and written several books about the betrayal of Israel by their leftist leaders, received a phone call that confirmed something I had always suspected. Barry has written extensively about the fact that Shimon Peres was behind the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, and this conversation focuses on the details surrounding that murder, but in the midst of it is something I find much more revealing. That is the origin of the disengagement plan, and the ultimate motive for it:

Three days ago I received a phone call from Oslo. The caller was Henry Gluksman, the advance man for the Oslo negotiations. He read my website and was impressed by my Rabin murder research. The first thing he said was, "You missed the real motive for Rabin's murder. It was financial."

A little background about the man. He lives in what he calls a "fool's paradise" as a political refugee in Norway. The government there provides him with an apartment and pension as protection against mortal retaliation from Israel. Strange that he would be used to pave the way for the Oslo "peace" talks.

He claims the Shabak made attempts on his life and he was forced to flee Israel in the early 1980s. Argentinian-born Gluksman publicly accused Israel of being behind the Falklands War. "I discovered that it was Israel Aviation Industries that provided the Argentinian planes and missiles and it was they who sunk the Lancaster," he explained. "They convinced the Argentinian government that they could win the war for them."

Mr. Gluksman's motives for talking freely to me appear not to be ideological. He is an avowed Marxist. Simply, he believes his Oslo talks became corrupted and that Rabin was murdered by the corrupters of his negotiations. His insider revelations are startling and verify the crux of my own research.

HG - When I began laying the groundwork for the Oslo talks in '88, money wasn't even considered as a political issue. It's when it became the core issue that things turned ugly.

BC - What do you mean '88? The talks began in '92.

HG - The plans for them were initiated in '88. We had to wait until Rabin was elected to put them into action. He sent the two negotiators, Pundak and Hirshfeld, to Oslo and the initial talks were aimed at establishing an honest groundwork for peace.

BC - I interviewed Ron Pundak in 1996 and he told me something remarkable. He said that his boss, Yossi Beilin, doesn't believe in borders. Borders cause wars. He told me the end result of the accord would be the removal of Israel's borders. This would be done by dismembering the country piece by piece. After, Israel would blend into a Middle East bloc of united Arab countries.

HG - Yes, that was our objective. The Gush Katif disengagement was agreed to in 1993 as part of the broader plan. To understand how this would lead to peace, look at Hong Kong. It was a colony of six million in a sea of over a billion Chinese. Israel consists of six million Jews in a sea of over a billion Moslems. When Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1999, nothing changed for the people of Hong Kong. They went on with their lives as before but without the threat of attack hanging over them. That was our objective. Israel would become Arab and nothing would change, but the threat would end. The Jews of Tel Aviv would go on with their lives, run their businesses, build their homes but the mayor would be an Arab, the police would be Arabs, the courts would be Arab. It was the ideal solution.

BC - So if the plans are on course beginning with Gush Katif, what is your problem with the accords?

HG - The problem began when the Labor Party leaders saw Oslo as a way to make a quick buck. Everyone was rushing to join in, Peres, Ramon, Micha Harish. And they all came with their Palestinian businessmen in tow. I mean, who were Micha Harish and Chaim Ramon? How did they become peace negotiators? Oslo was drawing the greediest crooks to the money pot. They didn't want peace, they wanted a piece of the action. People who were absolute nobodies suddenly were showing up for discussions. The most absurd was this Rabbi Melchior who Peres brought along. Who ever heard of him before? He had no legitimacy or constituency, never wrote learned tracts and overnight he jumps from Oslo to the cabinet of Shimon Peres. Everyone the Israelis sent to iron out details were there for what they could get out of Oslo and the PLO more than cooperated in the thefts and corruption. From a Marxist beginning, the discussions turned capitalistic.

BC - Where did Rabin fit in?

HG - He saw how corrupt everything had turned and decided to abandon the whole enterprise. He was going to put the talks on hold or shut them down for good if the corruption didn't stop. That's why they murdered him. He threatened to bring down the house of crime and that would have been very costly to the crooks. I read your work. Your conclusion is similar to mine but you left out some people who stood to lose big if Rabin stayed alive. It's a broader plot than you've found out.


Please understand that as I have been saying for many years, Israel has been subdued by the most crooked and evil kind of self-serving backbiters one could ever imagine. The southern stereotype of Boss Hog looks like a choirboy compared to these people. I started an article a few days ago that I haven't finished, but I will say it here, every death, every lost life, every ruined family can be laid at the doorstep of the "Peace Activists" in this country and the countries abroad. They are by and large self-indulgent haters of God, and it is their insistence upon unworkable humanistic solutions that have caused the enemy to be armed, and empowered to hatred. Without the Peace movement, Israel would have remained strong in their resolve, and the enemy would have never had the armaments or the initiative to wage a war of attrition. You may think this statement too strong, or too much of a broad brush, but I say it will prove out in the end to be absolutely true. Even those who are na´ve and have no idea about who they are in bed with are responsible because of their anti-God agendas, and their inability to see the truth. Just like Hitler's youth, or the young communists, they have bought a lie, and worked with vigor to promote it to the detriment of thousands of innocent people.

I have long suspected that the disengagement was conceived before Sharon came into power, and that he is simply following a plan, a road map lets say, and that this whole disembowelment of Israel was part of a greater plan to actually destroy the country from within. You must understand that the devil does not want Israel to survive, and he has found willing accomplices within the Jewish political body. That does not excuse anti-Semitism, or justify Jew hatred; on the contrary, it should accentuate the need for prayer for the Jewish people in this terribly difficult time.

Who was the architect of the Oslo accords? Yossi Beilin! What does he want to see eventually? An Arab controlled Palestine under whose authority the Jews will live. Who has empowered Beilin? Shimon Peres. The two of them profited in the tens of millions of dollars by selling the guns to the PA security forces after the signing of Oslo, and today they are plotting many ways to profit from the dismanteling of Gush Katif including building a casino like the one they built in Jericho. Who heads the Peace movement in Israel? Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres.

Where does Netanyahu fit in? I don't really know. He seems to be outside the framework of these guys, even though he has had the same handlers who have raised him to power, and I believe who removed him from office. Maybe like Rabin, there were lines he wouldn't cross. Only God knows and time will tell.

I agree with Netanyahu about something, and that is that the "Moment of Truth Has Come." As a believer that means that the time for absolute and complete repentance is here, for without clean hands our prayers will avail us nothing. The time for true intercessory prayer is long overdue. Giving up our leisure time activities and exchanging them with long sessions on our knees before the throne of God is our most important activity from now until the coming of the Lord. Praying for the salvation of the Jewish people is our top priority. I am not saying to stop praying for other needs, but I am saying that this should top our list every day. Pray also for massive Aliyah (immigration to Israel) because this is the best way to overcome the corruption and the dividing of the land. It will put more pressure on the government and bring more accountability to what has been an entrenched system. Pray for the safety of the Jewish people and the Soldiers and Police who are on the front lines of this war against the Jewish people. Pray for the protection of this nation from the enemies without, and the enemies within. Pray for the salvation of government officials, and that corrupt officials would be either saved, or removed and replaced by righteous leaders who will honor God. Pray that the Jewish people would be given a heart of David in these last days, to stand up to the goliath of nations and say, "How dare you blaspheme the Holy Name of our God. Today He will give you into our hands" and then they will chop the head off of the beast. Pray that God's name would be glorified, in Israel, and throughout the world.

All of these prayers by the way are biblical in their foundation and you can pray this way knowing that you are praying according to the will of God. If this isn't enough to pray about, I can give you twenty or thirty more things like this to pray.

Don't underestimate prayer. All things begin in prayer. All victories are won first in the Spiritual realm and then they are manifested in the physical. Prayer is not easy; it is hard. It is probably the hardest thing to do in service to God, which is why so few people undertake to do it. You can say that others are given the mantle of prayer, but before you dismiss yourself from the room, I would like to suggest you ask God which one of the people you are supposed to be. One who is given to prayer, or one who leaves the battle to someone else?

Please I implore you? put down the remote control and pick up your bible. Everything that God said was going to happen is happening now! It is going to get worse not better.

In Luke 13 Yeshua gives us dire warnings about our need to strive to enter the narrow gate. In chapter 21 he explains the frightening reality of the last days in which men's hearts will be failing them for fear and ends with an admonition: "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." Many believe that this means a rapture in which the believers escape all this nasty stuff that is going to happen, I know I may alienate myself from many readers here, but I believe that He is talking about escaping the darkness that is about to engulf the world, the sinful nature that is about to become fully manifested in the evil heart of mankind. What are we to do? We are to be watchful (as the watchmen on the wall of Isaiah 62:6,7) We are to pray always, pray what? To escape? I don't believe so, I think He is telling us to pray always as we were instructed in the same chapter of Isaiah, why? So we may be found worthy to stand before the Son of man. The way to escape the coming darkness that is going to flood the earth, and the delusion that will fool even the elect were it possible, is to be doing the word of God when He comes. To be praying and giving the Lord no rest, and taking no rest for ourselves until He has made Jerusalem a praise in all the earth. When will He do that? At His glorious coming.

What do we who want to enter by the narrow gate need to be doing? Praying! When? Now! For how long? Until His coming!

Praise the Lord. This isn't a time for fear but for focus. This isn't a time to give up but to dig in. This isn't a time to look at the Anti-Christ but to be enthralled with the glory of the Only Christ!

Look Up, for your redemption draweth neigh.

God Bless You,

Tom Cooper
The Israel Report

Tom Cooper is the founder of The Israel Report. More than News and Commentary, it is a full ministry to believers in ISrael, and throughout the world. Based in Jerusalem, The Israel Report is your portal to Israel.

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