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3 Clues To Know Where You Fit In Ministry Part 2

Clue Number 2: You Have Spiritual Gifts

In part 1 you learned that talent is natural endowments; or ability and is a result of recurring patterns (connections in the brain) of thought, feelings or behavior that is applied in a positive way.

If enduring talents are results of connections in the brain, what is a gift?

Webster's Dictionary defines a gift as "something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation; a special ability or unusual capacity for doing or achieving something."

Just as talents are formed by the connections made in the brain 60 days BEFORE birth and exponentially multiplied by age 3, gifts are formed by connections made by your spirit BEFORE you were conceived!

Talents are produced from natural origins (connections in the brain). Gifts are voluntarily given to each of us by the Creator before we were born. These gifts give each of us a special ability to do something purposeful in the earth, for the good of others and ourselves. They are called spiritual gifts.

Here are three (3) types of spiritual gifts:

1.Motivational Gifts- These are given before birth by the Creator through the Spirit. Just as there are talents you'll always carry within you (based on synapses), there are spiritual gifts waiting to be released in you as well (see Romans Chap 12 in the bible).

2.Manifested Gifts- These spiritual gifts "show up" on an "as needed" bases when you make yourself available to be used. It may be something you've never done before, but with the help of the Spirit, you are able to do it if you want to be used.

For example, a fairly new person on your ministry team comes to you and wants to know how to do a special project he was given. You have never taught anyone before, but you've made yourself available to be used by the Spirit. Your simple explanation gives your ministry team member the confidence to complete his first service opportunity successfully because you made yourself available to fill the need as a teacher (see 1 Corinthians Chap 12 in the bible). Through the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gift of teaching "showed up"-manifested through you.

Manifestation gifts are temporary and fill an immediate need. Motivational gifts are yours for a lifetime. You must choose to get access to them.

3.Ministry/Service Gifts- These spiritual gifts are given to leaders to perfect the saints so they can do ministry. Not everyone operates through these gifts, also known as "offices." Please note, however, that each motivational gift falls under one of these 5 offices or areas of spiritual gifts (see Ephesians 4:11-14 in the bible).

Take Action:

1.Take note of times you make yourself available to be used by the power of the Holy Spirit in you.

How did your actions affect others and you? Write your results.

2. Review Chapter 12 in Romans and 1 Corinthians and Chapter 4:11-14 in Ephesians in the bible. Write "possible" spiritual gifts you may have below (note: Some gifts may be talents too).

Excerpt from '5 Clues To Know Where You Fit In Ministry'

Robin Kegler is the C.A.P. Adjustment Coach, a Facilitator, Author, Speaker. She helps people identify where they fit, will prosper and get the most fulfillment in their life and work everyday. Robin is Creator of the Wearing The Right C.A.P. 90 Day Dare, Crack The Purpose Code and Thriving Teacher Boot Camp. For more information about her coaching programs, how to articles, tips and resources, visit

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