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America for War

The Americans themselves billed the vote for now President George Bush in the US as a vote for war.

Politics is the highest form of spirituality. It is spirituality demonstrated in physical form. Political leaders are voted in because they represent the majority vote. Therefore, Bush represents the thoughts of the majority of Americans. It would seem logical then to say that more than 50% of Americans are in favour of war.

History would also demonstrate this. The US is seen around the world as a warring nation. Arguments or differences of opinion then are settled by violence. It is not that the US does not try to get what they want by peaceful means; it simply means that they do not know how to do it. Violence should never be an option, if it is; it is because it is in the thought process already. Every issue has a peaceful solution if the parties in question have the desire to settle it that way. It is a physical reflection of their state of awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Our neighbours are a God fearing nation, mostly Christian, "In God we Trust." Bush acknowledges that he is a Christian and uses that awareness to further his war agenda.

If the most powerful man in the world representing the majority of his country sponsors war, it is because his country and his religion support it as well. This has a lot to say about Christianity. Christianity throughout history has sponsored war. The Christian God himself declares war on his enemies according to his holy scriptures. In history this God has be made responsible for countless wars, "an eye for and eye." The bible is filled with stories of war. Being God "fearing," alone is enough to fester thoughts of violence and war in anyone. Throughout Christianity, this image of a vengeful God has been used to try and instill peace in his followers. Christianity has used violence to try to create peace. Holy wars are a record in our history.

It has not been effective. Christianity has not brought peace on earth. There is only a promise of peace once Jesus returns and his followers are taken up. All religions will fail if they do not keep up with the natural evolution of man. Religion is the result of man not the other way around.

Repeating a process over and over again that does not give you what you desire is not a great way to display wisdom. Wisdom comes from using knowledge to create something that does work. If you keep hitting your thumb with a hammer thinking that it is eventually going to feel good, how does that sit with the notion of wisdom or enlightenment? How does violence ever turn into long time peace? Historically it does not. Violence begets violence and if a peaceful solution is not created it smolders and festers till it raises its ugly head once more.

If a nation and its people are peace lovers then their politics will reflect that view. This is not a comment on the American people it is simply an observation. The majority has spoken in two consecutive elections. George Bush has always been pro war and the majority of the country supports his views.

What does this all mean for their closest neighbour Canada or in fact the rest of the world? It means absolutely nothing unless the world buys into the notion that the US is a warring nation. If the world supports that belief, then the world will join in on war. The countries that support peace will only think about peace and not about war or about how to stop or prevent war. War will not go away by stopping it. Peace will manifest itself with thoughts of peace. Be for peace, not against war. Do not give war any energy by thinking about it. Always consider peace as the only solution to any issue and you will never be for violence.

Other countries can identify with the US as a warring nation by polarizing their thoughts. You cannot say you are for peace unless you know that someone else is for war. You cannot have peace unless you have war. If peace is all there is, then there is no peace. Peace is the opposite of war. Someone has to be at war so that you can be at peace. We live in a relative world of opposites. We must acknowledge war in order to acknowledge peace. At some time we must experience war to experience peace. We do not however have to repeatedly experience war to experience peace. We learn from past mistakes and the memory or acknowledgement of it prevents us from experiencing it again. One hit with the hammer should instill some wisdom about repeating mistakes.

The apparent contradiction in US thought is not hard to figure out, if you look to the root of their beliefs. It is observable from their actions that Christianity represents war not peace. If the country really desires peace as the other half of the population suggests, then it would seem like good wisdom to change the root belief. Adjust Christianity so that it represents peace, and peace will be experienced. You cannot say you are for peace, while you are demonstrating war, except in your own mind. If you say that you are demonstrating Christian values, then war must be a Christian value.

There is nothing right or wrong in what the Americans are demonstrating. It is clearing symbolic of how they see themselves and where they are along the evolutionary path. It is demonstrated by their actions, not by speculation or conjecture. Worthy of note in the election is that the Bible belt states, supports Bush.

A ray of sunshine in the election results and cause for celebration is that almost half the nation voted for peace by voting against Bush. At least half the consciousness of the nation is for peace and it was demonstrated. With the exodus of Americans moving into Canada since the Vietnam War it is observable that some are moving away the mentality of war.

War is a natural circumstance of man's evolution. Yet it will not be the warmongers that build the new world of peace. It will be the peacemakers that do not harbour the thoughts of war.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom.

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