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Ground Targets Via Space Laser Weapons

It is now possible to overwhelm our enemy from space or near space (ultra high-altitude) Blimp weapons. Right now we watch as 11 Western States have massive wild fires, most caused by lightning, but they could just as easily be caused by laser weaponry. Like a lightning bolt from God, airborne laser weapons could wreak havoc on an enemy. Today the United States Air Force Research Laboratory is testing airborne laser weapons where a THEL type system is put inside of a 747 Boeing Jet Aircraft.

THEL stands for Tactical High Energy Laser and they are made to shoot down incoming missiles from the enemy.

Missiles such as the SCUD missiles that Saddam Hussein had shot at Israel during Gulf War I can now be shot down in mid-flight. Today the incoming missiles are getting better, but the THEL system will be able to take them out. The systems being developed for the 747 are primarily missile defense weapons to take out ICBM Nuclear Multi-Warhead Missiles. The system is completely capable of doing this, but the materials used for the laser are quite dangerous and the aircraft could self explode if everything is not perfect, thus the meaning of zero-defects is an understatement.

As an offensive weapon one aircraft could indeed, fix on a ground target and fire taking out an International Terrorist with precise quadrangulation via; satellite, predator drone and the 747 its self. Unfortunately the lasers are not as accurate at low altitudes due to density of the atmosphere, but for a less than specific target such as building, dry field near an enemy outpost or a ship, the weapon is ideal. Of course no one lives to talk about high altitude offensive weapons, but when a Chinese General says that: ". . . if the United States interferes with the Mainland Chinese battle for Taiwan; We will use Nuclear Weapons to attack the United States!" Well, then it is time to think about Weaponizing space or near space with high altitude laser systems. Perhaps a combination of a CO2 and Argon Airborne Laser; where the CO2 and argon work together to get thru the thicker atmosphere of lower altitudes after racing thru the upper altitudes with thinner air. Think on this, as other already are.

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