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Marketing Tips for Your Web Site

Here are some simple and easy tips on how to market and drive traffic to your site.

1. Link Exchange - Exchange links with other relevant web sites. It's a win-win situation! Link exchange can not only increase your traffic but help build up your page rank on search engines.

2. Free Classified Ads - Find places online to submit free classified ads. One excellent resource is Craigslist, a free online community which has expanded into many different cities. Look for other local free listings or directories in search engines.

3. Directory Listings - Find directories that specific cater to your business' products or services. Getting yourself listed in these directories can be a great way for potential clients to find you through other listings.

4. Online Groups and Communities - Join an online group or community (see Yahoo Groups, Google Groups or MSN Groups. By joining these online communities, people will get to know you and you can add your signature (with a link to your website!) to every post you make. Answer questions, provide information, and get your name out there.

5. Start a Newsletter - By providing your clients with a newsletter, you can remind them that you're still around. A newsletter is a great way to get out helpful and interesting information to your clients about your products and services. It's a great way to keep in touch with new and future clients.

6. Pay Per Click Services - Consider using some Pay per click services such as Google Ads or Overture. This can help increase the exposure of your web site by adding it to the Sponsored Listings section and the first page of search engine results. Most keyword bids start as low as .10 per click and you can specifiy your budget and the amount you're willing to spend each day to keep yourself on budget.

7. Ezine/Online Advertising - Buy ads in Ezines related to your products or services or Ezines who cater to your demographics. Similarly, consider advertising in relevant websites with banner ads. Search for ezine directories and find a revelant match for your business. Find out their prices and requirements. You will need to write a concise paragraph about your business or get a designer to create graphic ads for you.

Mary Desjean is a web designer and the owner of Desjean Design (, a web company which specializes in simple and affordable web site design.

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