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How To Fall With Style - The Art Of Sin

Adam had it right when he covered himself with fig leaves. It's not that he thought it would cover his sin. He knew this was impossible. But he suddenly recognized his own weakness, and he doesn't try to battle it. Instead, he covers it. Out of sight, out of mind. But when God asks him why, he comes clean, accepts his punishment, and and continues to cover himself. Now that's how we're suppose to do it.

When you fall, admit it. Don't make excuses, don't pass the blame. Now that doesn't mean scrutinize, or put yourself through the wringer. Adam didn't tell God about all the terror and horro that would happen because of his sin. God asked him a question and he answered it. "...and I did eat."

Accept the consequences. Sin always causes something bad. It usually causes something bad here in this life. There's nothing wrong with praying for relief, but always be ready to accept the consequences.

When you can't beat it, hide from it. Adam found shame in himself, and covered it. So should we. Not so much in our bodies (that's pretty obvious) but in our minds. We can't spend our time fighting temptation. We're likely to loose, especially with that serpent still spreading his venom. No, we have to cover it with something else. If you find yourself loosing patience, it won't do any good to try to talk yourself out of it. You're better off putting a prayer in place of your anger. And then move on. Put your hands and your mind to use. It's like the old challenge "Don't think pink." You can't do it. You're thinking pink right now aren't you. In order to stop thinking pink, you need to think 'blue'.

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