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What is Prayer?

Prayer from a child's simple bedtime prayer, to the prayers of the most devoted monks of the eastern religions, is something that is done the world over.

My dictionary says prayer is:

1. A devout request or petition to a deity. 2. The act of praying. 3. A set form of words used for a devout request. 4. Spiritual and wordless communion with God.

I guess all are good definitions, but I prefer #4. "Spiritual and wordless communion with God." I believe this is the true meaning of prayer!

From the beginning of time God has wanted fellowship with His creation. Remember the story of the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve had disobeyed God and were so ashamed that they hid. Now if you think about it, of course God knew they had disobeyed Him. But, He still showed up at the usual time to fellowship with his creation.

The point of the story is that God loves us and wants to hear from us, not just in times of need, but all the time! He wants to be a major part of our lives. He is there to share the pain or the joy, up times and down times, the little things as well as the big.

So what is prayer to me? It is the constant communion or communication with my creator. Sharing my frustration as well as my joy with Him everyday, every hour, and every minute. There is nothing you can do that God is not aware of, so talk to him about it. This is the true meaning of prayer!

Chris Hampton Alpha Life Fellowship

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